Parents & Carers

Parental Management Committee

Our pre-school playgroup is a registered charity and the running of our successful, exciting and happy setting would not be possible without the voluntary help and support of our management committee.

Our committee is made up of parents and carers who, together with the pre-school leaders, make the major decisions about how the setting is run and also act as trustees of the pre-school playgroup charity. The committee ensures that the pre-school complies with all of our constitutional, legal and financial obligations and that all decisions which affect our setting are made effectively, are based on consensus and represent all parties fairly. Members of the management committee also help to raise funds, organise social events and to enable parental involvement.

It may sound like a lot of work – but it’s not! We think it’s a good opportunity to be involved in our pre-school setting, to meet other parents, to develop new friendships and to have fun! If you would like to join us at a committee meeting you would be very welcome!

Our Management Committee Members for 2021 – 22 are:

     Charlotte Scott, Chairperson
     Charlotte Allen, Deputy Chairperson
     Jenny Barron, Secretary
     Bethan Bowes, Treasurer (in process of joining)

Charlotte Kelsey
     Michelle Li
     Emma Stead
     Gemma Holmes (in process of joining)
     Nicola Bean (in process of joining)
     Rachel Lee (in process of joining)

Amy Parkinson (in process of joining)

All members of the management committee are registered with Ofsted and as checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service.   

Parents’ Feedback

As parents / carers of the children in our pre-school playgroup we value your thoughts and opinions and hope that you would feel confident and comfortable to approach us with any information regarding your child at any time. You, after all, are your child’s first educators and we welcome opportunities to work together to fully develop each child’s learning, thinking and development.

Each year we carry out a parental survey, which enables us to further reflect on our provision and make any necessary changes to best suit the needs of our children and their families. We always welcome the feedback we receive. Here are some examples of it…

“Our son, (and daughter previously), have thrived in the setting and love(d) their time with you. Please keep up your fantastic work!”

“You create a lovely, happy environment which feels safe and supportive for my child.”

“My daughter really enjoys playgroup, has made some lovely friends and has bonded really well with her key person. I am very impressed and will miss seeing everyone next year. I would recommend your playgroup to other parents looking for a setting for their child.”

“All the children seem so happy – a true reflection of the general atmosphere / environment.”

“Another year on, I’m still just as happy that you all want the best for my child and are supporting him in the best way you can. I’m very happy. Thank you.”

“This is a lovely place for children to play and learn.” 

“We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has made …’s journey as memorable and happy as possible.”

“My child has thoroughly enjoyed his time here. It has contributed to his excellent progress these last couple of years.”

“Our daughter is very happy at playgroup and we feel she is coming on brilliantly thanks to the dedicated staff.”

“Playgroup is a great place – always friendly.”

“The children always come first.”

“We highly value all your work and dedication to all the children in your care.”

“Overall we are all extremely pleased. He looks forward to going and we look forward to hearing about his days.”

“I like how accepting you are of each child and how you read a child’s character and tailor your support accordingly, not trying to change them, just supporting them feel self-confident and happy.”